Just give it a try and you won't ever have to wait again. Find your favourite physician, hair dresser, beauty specialist or any other service provider close to you and add yourself to his waitlist. That's so easy, everybody can do it.
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You want to provide your own waitlist? 

With this call-up system you do a giant stride towards your customers. More information about the system and the free trial you find right here.

Offer a waiting list


On site, you simply use the terminal to enter the waiting list. Your name appear in the list of your service provider Our tip: this works already comfortably from home using your computer or even on the go via app.
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Recommend us to a new customer and get up to 200 € bonus: Ask your doctor, hairdresser, car dealer, restaurant, service centers, etc., if they want to try the waitingsystem.

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Friseur mod's hair BASIC Berlin - Warteliste
Arzt Hartmut Franck
Friseur Kopfsache - Warteliste
Friseur Fame - Warteliste
Arzt Kuebke Schaum Dahmen
Fahrrad Service Werkstatt Pacemaker
Dr. Frank - Neurochirurgie München
Arzt Dr. Finner - Warteliste
Fahrrad Service Werkstatt Rad und Service
MP Martin Zimmermann Facharzt für Frauenheilkunde und Geburtshilfe
Ganzheitliche Medizin Wiesbaden
Hautärztin Dr. Schrell
Arzt Dr. Wagner - Facharzt für Innere Medizin und hausärztliche Versorgung
Deutscher Arbeitskreis für Zahnheilkunde e.V.
Schmerzklinik Kiel - Prof. Dr. Göbel

Call-up system for firms and events

The best reasons for more customer satisfaction:

Most innovative call-up system worldwide
First call-up system 
with dynamic time forecast.

Call-up system and/or appointment
Individually usable
even as a hybrid version!

No installation
Without hardware or maintenance
immediately usable.

Never let your customers wait again

At physicians, hair dressers or on workshops waiting times become obsolete due to live visualisation of the actual waiting queue in your smartphone with optional SMS notificaions and time proposal to go. For branch specific requirements, special extensions of the call-up system come in handy.

More about the call-up system for services by physicians, hair dressers and workshops ...

Exhibitions - Events

Organize games and lottery on exhibition stands: Carry on a conversation, while the others are still waiting.

More about the call-up system for Exhibitions-Events ...

Museum - exhibition

Organize specials in museums. Your customers accept the convenient offers of a bistro, even though they're waiting simultaneously.
More about the call-up system for events for museums ...

Car dealer - specials

Guarantee short detention times in workshops e.g. for tire changes. Organize test drives and customer pitches professionally.

More about the call-up system for car dealers ...

General events

Drop-in customers, who come back for sure. Add the option not to wait for your offer ... to your offer.

More about the call-up system for general events ...

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