How to enter a waiting list

1.) Easy from home - via PC or smartphone saves your time: enter a waiting list of your service provider comfortably by use of your smartphone or PC via You find your provider by his name and gain the freedom to wait where ever you like - by a simple click: wait at a café close by, comfortably at home, or productively at work.. One brief look at your phone shows you when it's your turn.

2.) Like usual, locally - using a Terminal.

Alternatively, you can easily enter your name in the customer terminal. Leave your mobile number optionally, if you decide to take a walk and want to be notified by SMS.
Of course, you can still just sit and wait in the waiting room.

The waiting room monitor

In the waiting room, you can track your progress on the large waiting room monitor. As with the terminal, smartphone or PC, you can also find your waiting status highlighted in the traffic light colors together with other useful details.

A short example

You are already waiting in the waiting room of your physician. There you enter his waiting list:

On you find your physician by searching for his name. Now it doesn't make any difference whether you stay in the waiting room, waiting to be called up, or just go for a coffee instead. Your smartphone shows you exactly when it's your turn. Later a text message reminds you that you've automatically proceeded in the waiting queue and that it's time to start back. On your smartphone, you follow the now quickly emtying waiting room in real time. So you make your own hours to find your way back. As you arrive back just in time, only two patients are waiting in front of you and within minutes they are called up. You are wondering whether next time you may enter the waitlist even from work or at home and you decide to take the flyer with a QR code and ID of the physician with you.

Turn your physicians appointment into a nice walk
Visit the authorities just on your way back home
Visit your hair dresser during a lunch break
Set speed records in amusement parks
Relax with a coffee close to your workshop

How does that work exactly?

Details to online waiting lists - who offers them and how to find them, how to be notified and what is it all about the traffic light colors red, yellow and green, see "HowTo".

Just give it a try!

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