For exhibitions and events

How do you keep interested customers at your stand?

Games, raffles and shows attract a large number of customers at exhibitions and events. However, even the most interested customer go ahead if they can't be addressed immediately.

But with an entry in your waiting list your customers will stay with you. They carry on but don't miss anything. SMS reminder bring back your customers actively and organize conversations perfectly for you.

Save up interruptions by discussions about appointments and intermediate questions
Fill gaps in your schedule, just when they occur unexpectedly
Increase readiness to wait and to be back in time
Receive back your customers and increase customer satisfaction

Take the easy way

An appointment takes longer than planned? No problem. Your waitlist takes care about it. Follow-up sessions will be adjusted automatically. Remind your customers automatically by e-mail and via SMS! Thus they are always in time and immediately it's their turn - who can say the same? Send additional messages to waiting customers any time. Someone is not registered yet? No problem - they enter a mobile number and non-registered customers are informed on demand via SMS.
Your waitlist fills up itself - by your customers
Appointments will be delayed automatically
Customers get notified automatically
Customers are reminded additionally by individual messages
Non-registered customers can be entered manually
Also works without a smartphone - by direkt SMS to the mobile phone!

Just give it a try!

Let us convince you. Test and the different variations of its waitlists. No matter if you need time forecasts, choosable options for the customers or a multiple employee system - our support will go through each option with you, until you really get what fits to your requirements. Please, contact us for an individual consultation.
For exhibitants