HowTo for user

How to join easily

For private users, this service is 100% free of charge. Register and get access to our service instantly. Enter the waiting list of your service provider comfortably - from home, on the road or even on site. You will appear in the queueing system of your service provider and may also receive free SMS as a reminder to your phone. Just try it.

Who offers waitlists?

In you can find online waiting lists of service providers in all customer-friendly industries. Whether doctors, government agencies, amusement parks, or your hairdresser around the corner - no one is interested in letting you wait. Tell us, if you would like to suggest a specific service to us.

How to find my waitlist

Just enter the name of your service provider into the search box. You receive a list of appropriate proposals. Make your choice and click on the correct waiting list.
By the way, you may be even quicker using the stand-displays or flyers. There you find an ID or a QR-code to be scanned by your smartphone.Both will lead you to the waitlist of your service provider directly.

How to keep an eye on your queue

Once you have entered the waiting list, there is no reason why you should wait on site. Your phone will show you, when it's your turn and will remind you additionaly by text messages. So you might relax, having a coffee close by. What you see on your phone, is the live image of the waiting queue in which you actually are located. As if you were still waiting locally. For simplicity, we have split the queue into three areas: red, yellow and green - the colors of a traffic light:

Red means

You don't have to be back - there is still plenty of time to do other things. Take your time!

Yellow means

You've moved forward and may have just received an email or SMS. It's time to start you way back.

Green means

You're one of the next and are expected back. Email and SMS reminded you again.

How to get notified by SMS

You always have the option to be notified by email. In addition, the provider of a waiting list can support the SMS option to notify you by a text message.

Security is safe. We are aware of our responsibility in handling your data. We therefore ask you only for the necessary information.

Important: Your personal information is never visible for other users. Waiting lists are displayed to other users anonymized. Even your entry on a waiting list will be deleted automatically when you exit this again. If you have further questions about this topic, you might find the answer already in the field of questions and answers. You can also contact us directly, however. Our friendly support will help you.