HowTo for business clients

Requirements for the queueing system

There are no additional requirements, because obviously you are watching this website by a web-enabled device. You can comfortably use the queueing system via a web-enabled computer, laptop, tablet and even via a smartphone. Without installation. Usable instantly.

How to handle users without registration

Customers without a mobile phone can be entered in the waiting list manually. The corresponding button is available directly on your waiting list view. Enter the customer's name and he is added to your waiting list like any other user.

How to use a customer terminal

You can transform an iPad into a comfortable customer terminal. To do this, use the button "customer terminal". You will see a full-screen view without navigation option. Perfect for manual entries by customers. Includes a small preview to the waiting list.

How to use a waiting room monitor

The button "full screen" in your waiting list view takes you to a full screen display. This is particularly suitable to display a big version of your waiting list as a large screen information service in the waiting area.

How to use the waiting sectors red, yellow and green

Your waiting list is divided into three areas. Entries start within the so-called red zone, and proceed over time through the yellow, to the green region in which they should finally be back in order to be called up. The size of those areas (number of people waiting per area) is under your control and means the following:
Red means: This is the end of the waiting list. Red signals a full waiting room to your customers: they do not have to wait on site. The number of customers in this area is unlimited and results automatically.
Yellow means: Yellow indicates to your customers that it's time to strike off. It's your choice, when you want to inform your customers about it. On request, the system sends e-mail and SMS for you automatically.
Green means: Customers within this area may have a turn in any moment. Choose the number of customers you want to have on site. Here, the queueing system notifies your customers by optional e-mail and SMS.

How to notify customers individually

Your customers will automatically receive an e-mail or text message once they proceed from the red area into the yellow area, or from the yellow area to the green area. The contents of this automatic notifications, can be edited in the "Profile" -> Custom "waiting lists" area. THis happens automatically. But you can also notify each of these customers individually, by e-mail and SMS. Simply use the notification button right next to each waiting list entry and enter your custom message.

How to notify customers via SMS

You can additionally notify your customers via SMS. Book one of our SMS packages. You can find these in your subscription area. If customers left a cell phone number, they are also immediately informed via SMS in addition to the free email notifications.