Coupon terms

Please note the following terms to redeem a voucher

Coupons and other benefits (together „Coupons“) are provided by, Paul-Heyse-Str. 1, 10407 Berlin, Germany.
If you want to redeem a coupon, you have to be a new customer for the service of, register regularly, and get a new account on hthis website.
Every new customer can only redeem 1 coupon.
The validity of the coupon may be limited in time. In this case, please find the validity period directly on the coupon.
The coupon is of no marked value, is not transferable, and must not be sold. The Der Gutschein hat keinen Marktwert, ist nicht übertragbar und darf nicht verkauft werden. The coupon can be invalidated by and/or the promised service can be refused, if contravened against these conditions or if the coupon is used in any other  undue way.